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I do not charge subscription fees to access web site content.

I also make almost no money directly from banner ads. Any banner ads you see on my sites (except Google ads) are part of a banner swap program or link to an affiliate site. I will never have pop-up or pop-under ads since I find these extremely irritating, and I don't want to irritate my visitors, although such ads are said to be very lucrative at the moment.

You can help support keeping my sites online.

Think of it as a tip for viewing my sites or for help I may have given you in an e-mail. Or perhaps I have given you permission to use some of my content in a print or electronic publication.

Many methods of supporting are available.

You can buy a book or other item from Amazon by clicking any of the many Amazon links you see all over my sites. Please keep in mind that I don't earn anything unless you access Amazon through one of my sites and order something in the same session.

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The fastest, easiest, most secure way to help support my sites is by credit card using PayPal or the Amazon Honor System.

Any payment, for example $15, is welcome and will help with the maintenance, growth and costs of my sites.

Payment is fast and easy and can be anonymous if you wish. Your credit card information is secure and your privacy is protected at PayPal. Just click the PayPal button at the right, or go to www.paypal.com and make a payment to robb@robbsbooks.com.

If you prefer, you can help support my sites with a check in any amount made payable to Robbin D. Knapp. If your check is from a non-US bank, please add $15 for bank processing fees. Thank you.

Mail your check to:
Robbin D Knapp
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4802 Ebensee

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